Dance Class Descriptions


Creative Movement - Introduces our littlest dancers aged 3.5 to 5 to dance class focusing on social skills, basic dance movements, steps and patterns while building coordination, balance, strength and confidence.

African Dance – The traditional dances and songs that are inherent in the culture of the West African peoples.  A  high energy class accompanied by live drumming.

Modern Dance – Basic dance technique and style that engages the entire body that focuses on a variety of movement dynamics i.e. sharp, smooth, contraction, release, etc and self-expression and performing techniques.

Modern Jazz - A blend of Modern technique and Jazz pizzazz and stylings for the dancer aged 11+ up, concentrating on increasing flexibility, strength, beginning turns, jumps and body coordination done to popular music.

Tap - Classic tap technique based on articulation of the foot, rhythm, tap terminology, coordination, improvisation and dancing with the entire body

Hip-Hop – Originating in the Bronx, blends urban social and street dances from the 70’s to current day in an edgy mix of isolations, locking, popping, freestyle and athletic movements done to the latest and freshest music.

Ballet - Traditional ballet class focusing on the fundamental positions, technique and terminology designed to develop strength, balance, and artistry.

Ballet/Pre-Pointe - Ballet class focused on developing the core strength and articulation of the feet, ankles and legs in preparation for the student to balance on pointe.   Requires ballet slippers until pointe shoes recommended by teacher

Pre-Professional Dance Workshop - For the hard-working student in pursuit of a professional experience and training focusing on learning dance repertory, and advanced technical and performing  techniques. Invite only class.

Dance Audition Prep - Private coaching by appointment only which includes training in “audition etiquette and protocols”, “audition choreography “and “technique correction” to create a polished presentation based on the students strengths and personality. Fee based on number of sessions, and determined at the time of booking appointment.

Danzatone – Aerobic Dance Exercise done to the exhilarating sounds of Latin and International music.