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Summer 2024 Registration Is Open!

Summer 2024 Registration Is Open!


Dance Class Descriptions


African Dance – The traditional dances and songs that are inherent in the culture of the West African peoples.  A  high energy class accompanied by live drumming.

Audition Prep- For Dance Intensive students interested in competitive specialized middle or high schools + college.

Ballet - Contemporary ballet class accompanied by a range of music from classical to popular to show tunes.  The class will focus on the fundamental positions, technique and terminology and is designed to develop strength, balance, and artistry in the young dancer.

Creative Movement/Young Dancers - Introduces our littlest dancers aged 3.5 to 5 to dance class focusing on social skills, basic dance movements, steps and patterns while building coordination, balance, strength and confidence.

Dance Camp (Summer Only) - A six-week dance camp that meets three times a week! Days of fun activities focused on building confidence and performance abilities, emphasizing individual attention and the personal growth of each dancer. Each session will include upbeat, energetic movement class, fun choreography, dance and improv games. Camp will focus on technique, increasing flexibility and strength, rhythm and tempo through Jazz, Modern & Ballet dance styles. Camper will work on an exciting dance routine to share with their parents at the end of each session. Students should eat a hearty breakfast before camp, bring lunch and a water bottle. Mind-Builders will provide a snack.

Dance to Bond (Summer Only) - Free dance and movement workshop series from the Paige Fraser Foundation that combines socialization, therapy, and recreation through dance and movements that are designed for both parents/guardians and children ages 4-12 to engage in joint learning and sharing experiences in a safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment.

Hip-Hop – Originating in the Bronx, Hip Hop blends urban social and street dances from the 70’s to current day in an edgy mix of isolations, locking, popping, freestyle and athletic movements done to the latest and freshest music.

Hip-Hop Freestylin'- Originating in the Bronx, Hip Hop blends urban social and street dances from the 70's to current day in an edgy mix of isolations, locking, popping, freestyle and athletic movements done to the latest and freshest music. For beginner and intermediate students

Hip Hop/Tap/Acro- Youth ages 6-9 explore three different styles of dance and become well-rounded dancers! 

Modern Dance – Basic dance technique and style that engages and focuses the entire body on a variety of movement dynamics i.e. sharp, smooth, contraction, release, self-expression and performing techniques.

Tap - Classic tap technique based on articulation of the foot, learning syncopated rhythms, tap terminology,  improvisation and dancing with the entire body.

Pre-Professional and Dance Ensemble - By Audition or Invitation Only -- For the student pursuing professional experience and training focused on learning dance repertory and technically advanced performing techniques. Students have the opportunity of working with several choreographers and learning several dances over the season. The students in the Dance Ensemble are featured in Mind-Builders Kwanzaa, Heroes Day performances, are invited to perform in many community events and play a prominent role in the Annual Dance Recital. Additional information contact Director by email (

Private Lessons - Private coaching sessions by appointment only with the teacher of your choice based on their availability. The session is designed to meet the needs of the student in terms of advancing/correcting technique, providing audition preparation and/or choreography for a polished presentation based on the students' strengths and personality. Fees are based on the number of sessions, determined at the time of booking appointment and must be paid in advance of the class.


Floor Stretch - Whether in the gym or in the comfort of your own home, Floor Stretch will increase flexibility and prevent injury. It is a combination of Active Isolated stretch and easy Yoga moves with flexibility techniques to improve muscular-skeletal health and fitness.

Soca Fitness -  Come ready to "whine your waist" and "work up a sweat"  in this fun-filled high intensity class that fuses body weight exercises with easy to follow dance moves. Set to the upbeat sounds and rhythms of Soca, Afro Beat and Dancehall music, burn calories, increase cardio-respiratory endurance while sculpting and toning the body.

Yoga & Meditation - flows through a series of gentle movements connecting your breath to your body, improving relaxation, flexibility and recovery. To finish, class winds down with a guided meditation and extended savasana.

Zumba - combining a world of music from fast pace Latin to smooth R&B to popular Hip Hop with current dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.

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