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Space Rental

The mission of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is to inspire the growth of youth, families and the community through quality arts and education programs.  

Dance/NYC Rehearsal Space Subsidy Application

To meet the needs of the dance community, we are thrilled to be able to offer subsidized studio rentals for rehearsals for dance makers that cost $5/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Complete our form to apply for this program here.

1st Floor Dance Studio (Room 107) 33 ft x 15/12 ft; barres, mirror, piano available

2nd Floor Dance Studio (Studio 201) 51ft x 22.5ft; sprung floor, mirror, barre

3rd Floor Dance Studio (Studio 304) 51ft x 22.5ft; sprung floor, barres, mirror, piano available


  • 24 hr advance booking is required
  • Tap shoes are allowed on the right side of 2nd Floor Studio and in 1st and 3rd Floor Studios 
  • Flamenco and street shoes are allowed
  • Live percussion and amplified music are allowed
  • Aerial work is not allowed

Available times are listed here and released 3 months in advance.

Space Rentals

Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center offers a wide range of welcoming light-filled spaces for rent.

Nonprofit subsidized rental rates are $50 - $75 per hour.
For-profit rental rates are $100-$175 per hour.

Rates vary per room.

The above rates are base fees for rentals during regular hours of operation. Additional fees are charged for added overhead.

Community members and artists are welcome. More details facilities specifications are available upon request.

All rental requests may be directed to