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Summer 2021 In-studio registration is now live!

Summer 2021 In-studio registration is now live!


Peer Meditation


Peer Mediation


Mind-Builders Peer Mediation program is problem solving BY youth WITH youth. It is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of a trained student mediator under the supervision of Mind-Builders staff (Opal McCalla and Waldo Chavez).  The trained student mediators are members of the Mind-Builders Youth Leadership Council.


Types of problems include:

  • Bullying, minor assaults and fighting
  • Cheating and stealing
  • Classroom or extracurricular disputes
  • Racial and cultural confrontations
  • Relationship difficulties/harassment
  • Rumor and gossip
  • Social media improprieties
  • Vandalism


The goal of the MB Peer Mediation Program is to empower youth with the skills and strategies for dealing with conflict; Youth will develop communication and decision-making tools that influence choices in the future and increase their leadership potential; Youth will gain perspective and understanding of themselves, others and their issues.  Through peer mediation:  alienation, disenfranchisement and powerlessness that many youth feel will be reduced.