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Don't Miss Out! Fall Registration is Open!

Don't Miss Out! Fall Registration is Open!


Free Programs


Free Programs

The mission of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is to inspire the growth of youth, families and the community through quality arts and education programs.  

Free Programs/Classes 2024

Each Summer and Fall-Spring Season Mind-Builders offers a number of FREE programs by department in addition to public performances, workshops and presentations. 

Programs include:


  • Tap - Classic tap technique based on articulation of the foot, learning syncopated rhythms, tap terminology, improvisation and dancing with the entire body.

  • Mind Your Beat Freestyle Dance Club - a supportive space open to ALL freestyle dancers ages 9-14 to release their "inner beast" and to enhance dancer’s musicality, precision, and confidence.


  • Digital Studio Production (Part of Arts Passage Express (APX)) - Learn how to use beat making software (FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic), how to create beats and how to record in a studio. Students will also work in conjunction with other Mind-Builders programs creating beats for vocal and visual arts students. 

  • Stage Band - Play in a stage band with a very wide repertoire. Music genres include Pop, R&B and Jazz. Band members will play at various Mind-Builder events as well as competitions.  Audition required; all instruments are welcome.

  • Music Theory - Examine the fundamentals of music as you study notes, melody, rhythm, harmony, form, pitch, and scales. Beginner and intermediate classes available.

Visual Arts

  • Anime/Visual Arts (Part of Arts Passage Express (APX))- Individual coaching and small group workshop training for ages 11 - 18. Skilled artist instructors create a learning environment that builds confidence, shares information on related careers, and promotes self-reflection, empathy and understanding.


  • Positive Youth Troupe (PYT)Professional theater training to youth/young adults ages 9 and up. Whether you are a novice who is curious about acting, or a pre-professional desiring to hone your skills, there's something for everyone in PYT.

Tradition Documentation

  • Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program - Student interns learn how to interview, videotape, and present folk artists from the community, participate in online video conferencing coordinated by the Smithsonian, create blogs, photos, videos, and create a portfolio of their work.

Fun Fitness Classes (Fit4Life)

  • Yoga & Meditation - Flow through a series of gentle movements connecting your breath to your body, improving relaxation, flexibility and recovery. To finish, class winds down with a guided meditation and extended savasana.
  • Zumba - Combining a world of music from fast-paced Latin to smooth R&B to popular Hip Hop with current dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Soca - Come ready to "whine your waist" and "work up a sweat" in this fun-filled high intensity class that fuses body weight exercises with easy-to-follow dance moves. Set to the upbeat sounds and rhythms of soca, Afro-beat and dancehall music, burn calories, and increase cardio-respiratory endurance while sculpting and toning the body.
  • Stretch - Whether in the gym or in the comfort of your own home, Floor Stretch will increase flexibility and prevent injury. It is a combination of Active Isolated stretches and easy Yoga moves with flexibility techniques to improve muscular-skeletal health and fitness.