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Free Programs


Free Programs

The mission of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is to inspire the growth of youth, families and the community through quality arts and education programs.  

Free Programs

Each Summer and Fall-Spring Season Mind-Builders offers a number of FREE programs by department in addition to public performances, workshops and presentations.

Visit individual program pages or contact the office for more information.

Programs include


  • Professional Dance Industry Series
  • Tap (Fall-Spring Season)
  • African dance for boys (Fall-Spring Season)
  • Fit4Life: Soca, Zumba, Yoga/Meditation (Year Round)
  • Additional offerings vary including Merit Scholarships- audition in June or September annually
  • Paige Fraser Foundation Workshops
  • Mark Morris Dance for PD


  • Awakening Youth Choir 
  • Creative Songwriting Program
  • Music Ensemble
  • Music Theory
  • Recording Studio Production Training- Art Passage XPress (APX)*
  • Additional offerings vary including full scholarships- contact office for details


  • Summer Theater Workshop*
  • Positive Youth Troupe (PYT) (Fall-Spring Season)*

Visual Art

  • Anime- Art Passage XPress (APX)*

Folk Art

  • Community Folk Art Internship Program (Year Round)*


  • PreK DOE Program (September-June)

* Stipends are provided + Metrocards and supplies all included.