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Summer Registration Will Open March 1st!

Summer Registration Will Open March 1st!


Free Programs


Free Programs

The mission of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is to inspire the growth of youth, families and the community through quality arts and education programs.  

Free Programs/Classes 2023-2024

Each Summer and Fall-Spring Season Mind-Builders offers a number of FREE programs by department in addition to public performances, workshops and presentations. 

Programs include:


  • Tap - Classic tap technique based on articulation of the foot, learning syncopated rhythms, tap terminology, improvisation and dancing with the entire body.

  • Mind Your Beat Freestyle Dance Club - a supportive space open to ALL freestyle dancers ages 9-14 to release their "inner beast" and to enhance dancer’s musicality, precision, and confidence.


  • Digital Studio Production (Part of Arts Passage Express (APX)) - Learn how to use beat making software (FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic), how to create beats and how to record in a studio. Students will also work in conjunction with other Mind-Builders programs creating beats for vocal and visual arts students. 

  • Stage Band - Play in a stage band with a very wide repertoire. Music genres include Pop, R&B and Jazz. Band members will play at various Mind-Builder events as well as competitions.  Audition required; all instruments are welcome.

  • Music Theory - Examine the fundamentals of music as you study notes, melody, rhythm, harmony, form, pitch, and scales. Beginner and intermediate classes available.

  • Creative Music Songwriting Program - Designed to develop the creative skills of talented emerging songwriting artists, rappers, producers, singers and musicians. This course offers performance opportunities, artist collaboration, artist development and understandings of contemporary music genres. Audition required.

Visual Arts

  • Anime/Visual Arts (Part of Arts Passage Express (APX))- Individual coaching and small group workshop training for ages 11 - 18. Skilled artist instructors create a learning environment that builds confidence, shares information on related careers, and promotes self-reflection, empathy and understanding.


  • Positive Youth Troupe (PYT)Professional theater training to youth/young adults ages 13 and up. Whether you are a novice who is curious about acting, or a pre-professional desiring to hone your skills, there's something for everyone in PYT.

  • Pre-Professional Ensemble - For the dedicated actor desiring a career in professional theater. Members receive training from industry professionals, various performing and showcase opportunities, industry networking resources, and much more. Applicants must audition and complete an interview. 

Tradition Documentation

  • Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program - Student interns learn how to interview, videotape, and present folk artists from the community, participate in online video conferencing coordinated by the Smithsonian, create blogs, photos, videos/DVD's, and create a portfolio of their work.

Fun Fitness Classes (Fit4Life)

  • Yoga & Meditation - Flow through a series of gentle movements connecting your breath to your body, improving relaxation, flexibility and recovery. To finish, class winds down with a guided meditation and extended savasana.
  • Zumba - Combining a world of music from fast pace Latin to smooth R&B to popular Hip Hop with current dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Soca - Come ready to "whine your waist" and "work up a sweat" in this fun-filled high intensity class that fuses body weight exercises with easy-to-follow dance moves. Set to the upbeat sounds and rhythms of Soca, Afro Beat and Dancehall music, burn calories, increase cardio-respiratory endurance while sculpting and toning the body.
  • Stretch - Whether in the gym or in the comfort of your own home, Floor Stretch will increase flexibility and prevent injury. It is a combination of Active Isolated stretch and easy Yoga moves with flexibility techniques to improve muscular-skeletal health and fitness.

Collaborative Programs:

  • The Paige Fraser Foundation - Various dance related classes/events held at Mind-Builders throughout the year. Email for more information.