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Let’s Dance!
Social Media Contest

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Dance Contest

Let’s Dance!
Social Media Contest for Instagram - Facebook - TikTok

Duration: August 29- September 12

Show off your moves! Post a photo or video of you showcasing your best Mind-Builder-learned dance moves and you’ll be entered for a chance to win prizes! 

Each post will earn a minimum of 3 Mind-Builders Bucks (equivalent to $3) that could be used toward Mind-Builders dance uniforms or classes. You can win up to 75 Mind-Builders Bucks! In addition there will be 3 Top Place Winners for:

  1. Post with most likes-$25 Gift Card
  2. Video Post with most views - $25 Gift Card
  3. Post with most Original/Creative Presentation -$50 Gift Card

How to Enter:

  1. Post a photo/video of yourself performing a dance move or technique you learned or practiced in class *(You can create up to 3 posts per day but they most be unique and different)*
  2. Tag us in the photo (IG:@MindBuildersCAC, TikTok:@MindBuildersCAC, FB: Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center) and use the hashtags  #MindBuildersCAC and #MBDancer in the caption to be entered to win  
  3. Winners will be announced at the Open House Street Festival on September 17

Bonus Bucks:

  • For excellent photo/video quality (Up to +2 Mind-Builders Bucks)
  • If the post is at Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center or at Mind-Builders event (+1 Mind-Builders Bucks)
  • If you state the technique you are showing and what class/teacher you practiced it in (Up to +2 Mind-Builders Bucks)



  1. You must be following us on whichever social media channel you are posting on:
    Instagram: @MindBuildersCAC
    Facebook: Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center
    TikTok: @mindbuilderscac
  2. Only posts of former or current Mind-Builders students qualify
  3. Only posts from a former or current Mind-Builders student or their parents/guardians qualify
  4. Post must stay up for the duration of the contest
  5. We must be tagged in each post and you must use the chosen hashtags to qualify
  6. Duplicate posts on different sites will be counted as one
  7. Students must be clearly visible in photos/videos
  8. Maximum limit of Mind-Builders Bucks is 75 per student
  9. Student must be registered in a fall 2022 Mind-Builders class to redeem
  10. Promotion starts at 9:00 a.m. ET August 29, 2022 and ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on September 12, 2022


Terms & Conditions: Mind-Builders Bucks cannot be redeemed for actual cash. Maximum value of $75 Rewards will only be given to the account that makes the post. Mind-Builders Bucks are non-transferable. Posts are limited to a total of 3 per day per registered student. Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.