Since 1984, The Positive Youth Troupe (PYT) has helped young people use their voices as powerful tools for change and to build relationships within their communities. Through acting, creative writing, music, voice and dance, PYT creates a new theatrical experience each season. Led by talented professional artists, the company continues to grow and evolve.
PYT’s staying power is its ability to “keep it real,” and deliver a positive message to youth through creative spirit, attitude, energy, voice, music, and movement. In PYT, young people get their start on the stage while acquiring life skills through counseling services, tutoring sessions, leadership training, and courses in conflict resolution.

Registration for PYT classes

Recruitment for participants ages 14-20 begins in the fall. Students attend workshops on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-7:00 pm from November to early May. Registration begins in September and continues through December.

Registration and Information